Recent data from Google highlights a new trend in YouTube video ads. Your video ads are more than a tool for fueling awareness among your potential customers of what you're offering - they actually play a key role in getting your customers to purchase. Here is what Google preferred ads could do for your business.

Increase Brand Awareness

This is the most common expectation among YouTube advertisers, and Google reports the average lift is 17% for this particular metric. However, data collected over the summer suggests your Google ads could be doing far more. They also improve "consideration, favorability, and purchase intent."

Increase Consideration

According to Scott Bender of iIMedia, "Consideration is arguably the most important part of a customer's journey toward a purchase. Advertising to consumers while they are in this mode of thinking is vital because it's in this phase that they decide whether or not they will buy your product. A consumer can be aware of you and not buy your product, just as they can have an opinion about your brand and not purchase your goods."

Google reports that 57% of their advertisers saw a lift in consideration after people were exposed to their 'TrueView' ads--the ad type that allows viewers to click away after a certain amount of time. The average lift was 13%. If viewers stayed around for more than 30 seconds, 76% of advertising campaigns saw a 45% higher lift when compared with a control group.

Increase Favorability

Google reports that 24% of its advertiser's campaigns reflected a change in favorability to their brand just through exposure. That translated into an average lift of 3%. When viewing time increased to 30 seconds or more, change to the favorability rating was 52%, with those viewing the entire video reflecting 14% higher favorability than the control group.

Increase Purchase Intent

YouTube TrueView ads changed the intent to purchase among 35% of viewers who were exposed to ads, but didn't watch all the way through. The average lift was 4%. That number went up to 61% among people who watched for more than 30 seconds. Those who watched the entire video were 19% more likely to purchase than the control group.

Higher ROAS

Your return on ad spend (ROAS) with YouTube can be anywhere from 2X to 8.5X higher than TV advertising. It depends on what you're promoting. Bottom line? You're likely to sell more through YouTube ads than television.

Do It the Right Way

To move through the entire buying cycle, you need to "make the type of creative choices that keep people watching," says Google. One of those choices is to always attach your logo, if you include it, to a product. Another is to use humor. People stick around for the punch line.

Another important choice is to drop intros. Get straight to the content, and make sure you focus on what's interesting to your target audience--not your business or yourself. Hook them, before you tell them who you are or why they need your product.

If your video is sharing a customer testimonial, avoid too much focus on the product or service. Have the customer share the challenges that led them to seek the solution you offer. Potential customers start wondering if you might have exactly what they need as well.

Ask for engagement, and when you get it, respond!

Finally, choose an interesting image and write a great description for your video ad. On days when the Masthead hasn't been sold, your ad could appear on a viewer's homepage. This is true whether they're accessing YouTube from a computer, tablet or smartphone. And TrueView video ads don't just appear in front of other videos. They show up in YouTube search results. You want your ads to be eye catching.


YouTube is an advertising option worth exploring. Done right, you will convert more lookers into buyers through video engagement. In addition, you gain organic SEO value as well. That drives more lookers toward you--making the cycle even more prosperous.

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