There are numerous ways to reach out to customers from direct mail to social media; however companies often miss out on email marketing campaign efforts. By not doing this companies are overlooking a massive conversion potential. By utilizing an email marketing campaign companies are better able to reach out to their customers on a personal level which can ultimately lead to more purchases.

Personalized emails will go directly into the inbox of customers, this saves them the hassle of logging in online or checking social media outlets. As well, they will not have distractions while they view your newsletter. This will allow customers to spend more time focusing on your products and services and ultimately leading to more conversions.

How To Personalize Emails

  • Use your customers name in the email
  • Send relevant discounts and offers related to products and services they purchase
  • Send personalized codes for discounts for being a valuable customer
  • Send special offers for birthdays and holidays
  • Update customers about new products
  • Offer VIP status allowing preferred customers to buy new products early or take advantage of a sale early

Why Personalized Emails Are Important

In a recent survey 80% of customers stated that they had received marketing messages within their personal emails. 70% indicated that they used coupons and discounts that were tailored for them and sent directly to their email account and included personalization. Furthermore 60% indicated that after receiving the initial coupons and discounts customers then opted to subscribe to emails to receive other messages and discounts.

Increase Profits as Well as Customer Service

Email marketing is essential as it allows businesses to quadruple the rate of customers they are able to convert. By utilizing personalized email campaigns a customer can learn about new products as well as other company news that may affect them. Customers can get important information as well, such as informing them of a change in service. This means email marketing is good for existing clients as well as making new customers.

Personalized marketing emails allow for auto responders to be set up, this helps track customers and their interests in order to set them up with the right campaigns. It also allows companies to see which emails are working better than others at turning clicks into profit. The first step to email marketing is getting customers to sign up with their email. Many companies offer a discount or coupon just for signing up to join the email list. Once subscribed your email campaigns will do more to promote products than any other amount of online advertising. Email marketing campaigns are truly the best way to take a business to the next level.

How To Make Love Not Spam

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