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When to Send Your Newsletter for Best Results

Written by Kevin Fournier | September 12, 2014

Alright, you have developed the perfect newsletter for your business. It is not only engaging, contains unique content, but is industry driven for your field. You have hit the jackpot. Now, when is the best time to send it?

You sit their contemplating when to let your masterpiece go to your customers’ inboxes. Is it too early in the morning? Is it too late in the evening? Are weekends too personal of a time to hit send? No worries, follow these easy steps and you will find the perfect time to send your email newsletter campaigns, enabling you to not only reach your customers, but connect with them. 

Morning, Noon or Night?

Many people have heard that you need to send email newsletters Tuesday- Thursday and between the hours of 8 am and 10 am. This way you will catch them at work and they will not be bogged down with a case of the Mondays or be daydreaming about their weekend.

However, more recent studies have shown, more and more people are prowling around the internet and opening emails at night. With the connection everyone has with their electronic devices (iPads, phones, and computers) this is not surprising. According to a study done by Experian in 2012 for all industries, there was a 21.7% unique open rate between 8 pm and 11:59 pm. These night owls were also more likely to click through the newsletters with open rates of 4.2%! This led to revenue being the highest from consumers during this time.


Now Let’s Pick a Day

Drifting away from the common “Tuesday-Thursday fact, the day with the highest ROI according to Vertical Response Marketing is Monday while Friday has the highest click-through rates since most people are so happy the weekend is just around the corner!

On top of that less companies are flooding inboxes during the weekends because they want people to be able to have privacy on weekends. While this can be nice, it also has led to those that do market on the Saturday and Sunday to scoop up their consumers and blow their competitors out of the water!

Harland Clarke also found in their own email data that while only 5.5% of emails were sent on Saturday they were opened 32.5% of the time in comparison to 26.9% of emails being sent on Wednesday with only an open rate of 15.6%.

So before you send out your masterpiece, try something new! Opt for a weekend delivery or even a late night email. Testing new marketing ideas can not only push your company or business to new heights but it can only pave the way for new marketing trends, tailored to the needs of consumers. 

Photo credit: Beantin webbkommunikation / Foter / CC BY-SA