A valuable way to reach more potential customers is through running a giveaway or offering a free sample of your product. This is a great way to get your product or resources out there and talked about. Everyone is more apt to support you after trying your product, or even just being given a chance at trying your product.

There are a number of reasons that giving away something is a beneficial marketing strategy. Using the internet for marketing is very cost effective, and a giveaway can be one of the quickest ways to gain clients. Some reasons to offer something for free or to hold a giveaway:

1. Cost Effective Advertising

In reality giving away product or services can be a very cost effective way of advertising. The headline free or giveaway is very attention grabbing. This can keep advertising cost low. By knowing what you are already giving away the cost is predictable.

2. Social Media Network Growth

Increased social media following is another benefit giving away your product or services. Social media is a great place to offer or promote the services or product you are giving away. You can even run a giveaway on your social media sites, drawing more traffic and followers, decreasing advertising costs.

3. Showing Customers You Care

Offering to giveaway something to loyal customers shows you care, and keeps them coming back. A customer likes to know they are valued, and will stick with you if they feel as if you appreciate their business.

4. Get People Talking About Your Product

Get people talking and sharing about your product. A giveaway can generate a buzz about your product, getting them excited to try it out. Once the giveaway is over, and you have distributed your prize people will want to know what the winners thought. Get them talking and providing reviews, this will keep people talking and sharing.

5. Get People Excited

Being given a chance to win something is exciting. Giving people this chance will get them excited. They will not only be excited by the prospect of winning, but be excited about your product.

A giveaway is a great marketing tool that can really increase your online following. Online marketing is so cost effective, the giveaway will more than pay for itself.

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