Customer Relationship Management is one of the most important aspects of business.  It is necessary to communicate in a timely manner about current projects, client needs, or follow up on requests.  In today’s fast moving business world the answer to organizing these needs is to do it on a cloud based CRM. However, a CRM is a costly and time-consuming tool to integrate into a company of any size.

If you have landed on this blog, chances are you have already done the research on what is associated with adding a CRM to your company. The costs are great, especially with companies with a large number of users. Most of these platforms are built to handle multiple tasks so training your sales team can be lengthy as well. But, this is a necessary evil right? Wrong.

At PatraCompany we have two solutions for you to stop paying for a CRM.

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot added a CRM to their inbound marketing software during the winter of 2014.  The software integrates seamlessly with the tools that hubspot offers for marketing. This new feature allows you to track a lead from the moment they find your website, through all conversation, and eventually to the closing of a new customer. The system also works with sidekick; a tool that allows you to track emails, customer traffic, and much more.

Original CMP

Original CMP CRM Software

In 2014 we worked with our sister company Original Computing to develop a CRM that sits on the Content Management Portal that we build our websites on.  Our reasoning for building the software ourselves was simple. We wanted it to be customized for our clients needs.  With only the functions needed to complete the tasks at hand training a sales staff on the software became easy. Our development team has included communication functions between the CRM, Hubspot, and the client’s website.

Why is it free?

The reason behind Hubspot, as well as the offering our custom CRM for free is that it helps us close the loop on our marketing efforts.  Our business is based off bringing our clients results. We track leads from the first contact, through the sales process, and eventually log them as a customer in the CRM.

What is the catch?

The benefit, or “catch is that these platforms are supported by inbound marketing efforts. Hubspot is a software used by PatraCompany to support in generating leads through your website. It also assists in creating and managing email workflows to turn those leads into customers. Along with the CRM, Hubspot offers comprehensive reporting to ensure marketing efforts are providing an ROI.

PatraCompany is the creative agency that develops and executes the marketing campaigns that drives traffic and ultimately fills your CRM leads queue. If you're new to the inbound marketing method, and you're curious about how it works, take a minute to visit our inbound marketing methodology page to learn about how it can help you start generating leads.

This modern method of providing a FREE CRM allows your company to spend money on what really counts; generating leads and converting customers; instead of spending it on software to manage your cold calls.

Learn more today, don't let the competition beat you to it. Stop paying for a CRM and start generating more business today!

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