Press releases have been around for a prolonged period of time and are still good for what they were originally created for, which is traffic and branding. Press releases have also been a proven method of distributing news about a company to the world.

A Review of SEO

Generally, the earlier and more frequently a site appears in the search result list, the more visitors or targeted audiences will be received. SEO may target different kinds of search, which include image search, local search, video search, academic, news search, and industry-specific searches. Relevance to specific keywords and understanding how target audiences communicate about individual organizational products and services, and any related issues is crucial to SEO usage for best results.

Benefits of SEO include the following:

  • Increase in targeted traffic — SEO increases the number of visitors to your website at a steady rate, which can maximize businesslike efforts. Usage of track traffic tools enables one to watch as people visit the site and obtain results.
  • Long lasting promotions — Once implemented any changes remain long after the SEO is completed. Unlike regular advertising, once payment ceases so does the ad.
  • Better ROI — SEO does bring higher ROI better than any marketable form. For example, when 1000 clicks are received, chances are 4% of those visitors will convert into a sale.
  • Faster, smaller pages — SEO will reduce page loads while providing maximum information. Visitors to see more information and server costs are reduced.
  • Long term positioning — Results are permanent, once you make it to the top spot in Search Engines, maintenance upkeep should keep you there.
  • Cost — SEO is among the top most cost-effective ways of marketing.
  • Cross-browser compatibility, navigable search engines and pleasant usability.
  • Challenges — Identifies any challenges and can be responded to. Goals can be identified and reacted to.

Press Releases: SEO and Social Media

How Social Are Your Press Releases?

A press release is communicative tool that informs users about updated general information and or lets users know about your company or website. While press releases communicate with users, they also communicate with various search engines.

Therefore, it is imperative that you consider SEO when writing a press release but still create the content for a human reader (aka the Audience). Since a press release does enable websites to communicate changes, events, and news of any form; entertainment information, and updates about individual companies.

This means you have the ability to write a lot of content that is pointed at your business. Press releases are free ( if you write them), can be written about many things to do with your business and can be time sensitive. Experience is the best way to learn how to best take advantage of this.

For example; If you want to have a black Friday sale you can make a press release to tell the world. The timing of when you publish it to the internet is very important, too early and no one will be looking for Black Friday Sales’ , too late and your article will get lost among the crowd. You need to find what works best in your niche.

Timing is not only important for release but can be critical when sharing your press release on a social media site. For example; If you have written your press release for a human reader, obviously, a good place to share and promote it would be on Facebook. You should use Facebook analytics to find out when your followers are most active and base your release around that data.

Social media plays a very important role for search engines when rating the virality of a piece of content. If your press release is well written and receives reaction from the audience on social media it can help increase your views and help spread the word, especially if you include photos or videos in your release, as major search engines will recognize the virality of that release and index it faster. Remember, always write your content for the human first, keep the search engines on the back burner.

Know Your Target

Knowing your brand is imperative, one has to be cognizant about competition and competitors. A press release can help spread information worldwide about your brand, any developments and or new launches about your company and its products and services. Since search engines have become popular, SEO benefits have been taken advantage of and have become more popular. However, one should not underestimate the importance of press release.

Utilizing and devising both press releases and SEO strategically while using proper maintenance tools or techniques for any up-keeps or usages will release beneficial and excellent results.

Learning SEO From The Experts

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