SO you have decided that allocating some of your marketing energy to social media is important. Now you are ready to start posting content in order to gain a larger target audience. Before you start there are a few things you should know about social media channels, they are not all created equally and different businesses will get more out of some and less out of others.

In order to get the best results you should use more than one social media site but each one has different rules and may have different audience personas. Here are a few examples of how to post different content to different social sites.

Posting Content to Twitter

When posting content to a social media site like Twitter it is important to make the writing concise so as to fall under the minimum characters allowed by this popular site. Twitter posts need to be 120 characters which is a change from the original 140. If including a URL or other link the character requirements would go to 118. Twitter has many guidelines and if users don't follow these rules they can become locked out of the site. Twitter feeds are fast and audiences change quickly.

Post often on Twitter and post content that leads to your blog or other useful information. Then throw in a witty quote or personal picture to remain transparent.

Posting Content to Facebook

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Facebook is used by many as an online diary of their daily activities. Posting content on this site can be very beneficial in terms of staying up to date with friends and family. This site allows its users the chance to instant message which can be a very useful feature when posting private or controversial information.

With the many options Facebook has it is a great way to stay on top of customer service. Customers can talk with you in real time or you can update your audience with company information as needed. Once or twice a day is an acceptable frequency for posting on Facebook, this obviously will vary with your niche.

Posting Content to Blogger

Blogger is another online social media site that can be useful for posting content based upon the author's interest, hobbies and other attributes. It is also useful for posting content related to travel. Many of the features on this site make it a useful for reaching audiences around the world, and by utilizing advertising a blog can even create revenue by offering advertisers the option to post banners on blog pages.

Content can be labeled and organized in a very helpful format which makes it easy to find for blog viewers and popular posts can be analyzed by the author via the Google Analytics feature found under the dashboard. Blogger offers many great options for writers and their audiences in terms of the duration of the post's availability and the way in which the content can be reached for a long time period based upon the organization and strategies used by the blog author.

In short Blogger can be a great advanced social platform that can supplement your company’s blog. For instance if you have a company blog you may use Blogger as your personal blog and link to each other, also increasing transparency and therefore trust.

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