This image of Bass Harbor Lighthouse is one of my favorites. It was taken right after a brief summer storm couple of years ago. I always wanted to get this shot, yet the opportunity had never presented itself before.

It’s one of the most easily recognizable Maine landmarks today; very popular with both tourists and photographers in any season.  As the clouds were moving out eastbound, a very brief sun clearing lit up everything around me with a warm and glowing light. I kept pressing the shutter to catch the right splash on the rocks in front of me.  Just like in all my other images of Maine,

 I seek out the light and compositions that are emotional, beautiful, even dramatic; yet very personal, hopeful and pure. Some shots come easy, like this one for example and some take hours of travel, preparation, research and effort. Due to the limited time I divide between my job and family life, I try to get my photography fix during the very early hours of the morning, sometimes even in the middle of the night.  In the end, it is all about my interpretation of our state’s beauty, an artistic version of the true sunrise or sunset which everyone can get for free, each and every day. This beauty is all around us.

Maine became my home in 2008, when I moved here from Denver. I immediately fell in love with the coast - at one point, even attempting to photograph every single lighthouse I ever read about. It was only the matter of time before I ended up obsessing over the Portland Head Light, which back then was only minutes away from my house.  These days, I'm drawn to Schoodic Peninsula - a much less visited, easternmost  part of Acadia: to me it presented many opportunities to create images that are not your typical landmarks, yet more unique to Maine.

My wife and I started going to Acadia on vacation a few years ago.  Living in Portland, it was our escape to the world of mountain vistas, rugged cliffs, gorgeous sunrises and quite possibly the best foliage in the state. Now that we have two boys, ages 3 and 20 months, we get to experience the most beautiful national park in America as a family of four.   Although it's a bit tough to do most activities for extended periods of time, we still find a way to enjoy hiking, exploring and enjoying everything MDI has to offer. In life and through my photography, I am encouraging my children to connect with nature, travel, and seeing the outside world’s details. Not to forget the big things like how to live life to the fullest and to always remember that the best things have not even happened yet.

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