The Maine Warden Service (MWS) has been active in the State of Maine for over 130 years. From the beginning, they have been tasked with protecting and preserving the natural resources of Maine for the benefit of Maine's community and visitors for generations to come. We're happy to be a big part of helping the MWS bring awareness of their efforts to the public.

As part of their celebratory 130th anniversary, we worked with the MWS to produce a documentary that covered the major events and milestones reached throughout their history. Take a look at this three part series to see where the MWS came from and where they are now.

Maine Warden Service 130th Anniversary Documentary :: Section 1

The Maine Warden Service has been serving Maine for over 130 years now and it only seemed fitting that we pay tribute to those brave men and woman who have dedicated their lives to the program. This is part one of the documentary featuring the history of the Warden service as well as paying tribute to the fallen members from the past.

Maine Warden Service 130th Anniversary Documentary :: Section 2

The second section of the 130th Anniversary Documentary features interviews with past game wardens colonels. All Wardens past and present are very proud of what they do, and live everyday to serve to protect the people and natural resources Maine. Also included is a message from Maine Governor John Baldacci congratulating the Maine Warden Service on 130 years of service.

Maine Warden Service 130th Anniversary Documentary :: Section 3

The third and final section the the documentary features an in depth look into the specialty teams of the Maine Game Warden Service, as well as how the program has evolved over the years to keep up with changing times. The game warden recruitment video is included at the end as well as the full credits for the video.

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