Visual content is more important than ever when trying to reach busy prospects. In marketing surveys, 71% of professionals reported that their campaigns that use video are more effective than the ones that don't. A few ways to effectively use video in your marketing campaigns:

1. Use explainer videos to reach busy customers.

Instead of providing a tutorial on your blog, why not create a video that shows how to complete a simple construction or maintenance task? Those who are visual learners will be grateful. And, video allows you to show your crew in action, which demonstrates your abilities and builds trust. Your explainer videos can be posted on your site, put on a dedicated Youtube video, or used on your social media accounts.

2. Reach more mobile customers.

Eighty percent of web users have a smart phone. And, many use their phones when they are looking for local services like construction. Long text pieces can be onerous to read on a phone's small screen. Video is a much friendlier medium for reaching this portion of your customers.

3. Create content that is likely to go viral.

Videos that amaze viewers, make them laugh or make them think are more likely to get views and shares. Is there a process that your crews perform that you find visually fascinating? Create a short video and post it. Options include a time-lapse of a building going up or a shot of the sunrise or sunset from the top of your of your company's creations. You can use YouTube or another platform for longer videos.

4. Use video to coax people to your site.

berlin-city-superbowl-preview.jpgInstead of embedding video in your social media pages, try using a creative title, description, photo and link. People will become curious and click through. Once they are on your site, the chances increase that they will navigate to other content and either sign up for email updates or contact you for services. It's important that the image and description compel users to click through. Either pick a particularly inviting screen shot from the video you are using or take photographs specifically with the purpose of using them as bait to get people to click through to the videos.

5. Create a few super short videos

Vines, a short video form offered by Twitter, are six-second videos that are posted to social media platforms. Super short videos require almost no time commitment, making it far more likely that people will click on them. Adding these to your video mix can entice people to check out your longer content.

6. Use videos to show off completed projects.

With a video, you don't just tell your prospects what your work looks like; you have the opportunity to show them. Take short bits of video throughout a project and then shoot the completed work. You can also have happy customers provide feedback at the end of the video. Not only do you demonstrate your company's abilities; you provide social proof in the form of positive video reviews.

7. Don't forget a call to action.

When you create a great video that you feel will generate views and shares, include a compelling call to action at the end. The CTA can be an invitation to call for a consultation, a call to sign up for your email list or to contact your sales team for a consultation. Be sure to include your contact information on the last screen and clickable links if you are posting on a platform that allows it.

Video is one of the best ways to reach an increasingly busy and mobile audience. By giving them content that is easy for them to take in, you make it more likely that they will investigate your company further and choose you for their construction jobs.

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