How to convert Canon 7D footage in Final Cut Pro

The Canon 7D is a great DSLR that is most known for it's video capabilities. When comparing price and quality in terms of other options in video production world, you really can't beat this camera. The camera shoots in a variety of formats and frame rates and this can present issues in the post-production editing process. If you're mixing the various video formats in one editing sequence, you can easily run into problems.

One common problem that most editors run into is; mixing full 1080p (1920x1080) 24 frame or 30 frame footage with the 720p (1280x1080) 60 frame slow motion effect footage on the same editing sequence (timeline). This type of workflow involves converting and conforming your footage using software such as MPEG Streamclip (FREE) and Cinema Tools as part of Final Cut Studio. Once you fully understand this workflow, editing with the Canon 7D in Final Cut Studio becomes a breeze. This is specially nice on those hot days. << see what I did there?

Part 1 - The Complete workflow for Canon's 7D and Final Cut Pro:

Part 2 - The Complete workflow for Canon's 7D and Final Cut Pro:

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