Marketing can be intimidating. Digital and mobile can be difficult for people to master, and it can be difficult to keep up with the changes. But, there are still professional and easy things you can do every day to market your construction business.

1. Send a hand-written thank you note to an important client.

Just finished a big job? Before you send the last invoice, send a hand-written note telling the client how much you appreciate their business. So much of our communication happens online now that tangible, written notes have greater impact and stick in people's minds. When your client meets someone who needs construction services, chances are good that your name will come up.

2. Install Instagram on your smart phone.

Create an account for your business and use it regularly. This gives you a chance to showcase the quality work that you do every day. Be sure to (with permission) get photos of your employees on the job, as well. People connect to pictures of other people. Allow your pictures to tell a story about your commitment to quality. Don't forget to include quality descriptions so that people can find your images and understand what they are about.

3. Sponsor a local organization.

Choose a local organization whose members or volunteers are a good match with your ideal clientele. Local sports teams and organizations like Habitat for Humanity make good choices. Connecting yourself to these groups allows you to get to know people in the community. It can help build your reputation. And, each time they are out in the community, it can give exposure to your brand.

4. Create an auto-responder series.

This is an email campaign (also sometimes called a drip campaign) where you automatically send emails to prospects at regular intervals. For instance, you can put a link on your site to sign up for a 10-part series about choosing the right roofing material. Over a 10 week period, the recipient will get emails with tips about materials, their maintenance and the pros and cons of each one. The series can be written once, but then sent out without further effort for months or years to come.

5. Host an event.

Host an open house or an educational event in your community. This is a great way to gain face time with members of your community who make great prospects. Create a good program for the evening, and let the local press know well in advance. This can assure a good turnout and good coverage.

6. Get involved with a cause.

Is there a cause related to your industry that you are passionate about? Let people know. Add an informational page to your website. Create resources for the community that help advance this cause that is important to you. Whether it is worker safety, green building or an education-related cause, you can attract prospects by showing them that you stand for something.

7. Create a blog post series.

Regularly updated blogs are a great way to get good placement in the search engine results, which increases visibility and gets people to your site. A blog series gives people a reason to come back to your site. These return visits can be extremely valuable; very few prospects are ready to make a decision the first time they visit a company's web presence. Plus, your blog series can, when it is finished, be put together into an ebook that you can offer as a premium on your site.

Now more than ever, marketing is half art, half science. By learning what works and doing it consistently, you can win attention from local customers. And, over time, you can build strong relationships and have your favorite customers come back to you again and again.

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