Maintaining a website is a necessity for all modern businesses. Part of keeping a business site involves regular blog updates. Designed to entice consumers to visit the site, increase brand recognition and eventually raise sales, blog posts are an important communication method for companies. The relationship between businesses and consumers has undergone a radical transformation due to the Internet, leaving many questions regarding what methods are most effective online. Many business owners are uncertain about setting up and maintaining a blog, thinking that it will require a great deal of time each day. However, this important marketing tool can be implemented into a company site with a minimal time investment.

What Makes a Successful Blog?

  1. Excellent content is a main factor in obtaining a high readership. Each blog must entice readers to return and/or make a purchase. Without this, other efforts will not be fruitful. Fewer, relevant posts are preferable to multiple average ones.
  2. Proper promotion through the company website and social media. When a new post is released, it should be announced at one or more of these places. There should be enough information to intrigue consumers, not enough to overwhelm their feed.
  3. Patience and paying heed to customer feedback improve the long-term reputation of blogs. Responding to consumers makes them feel appreciated, and thus more likely to make a purchase.

What Constitutes Excellent Content?

  1. Blog content must be error-free, including punctuation, grammar and spelling. All work should be checked through an online proofreading system, a live editor or both.
  2. Relevant and interesting content encourages visitors to return. The information must be readable by the layperson while providing expert level facts and little-known tricks. Regarding products, it may include data such as usage, storage tricks, other applications or anything else of interest. Service oriented businesses can blog about the types and necessities of services, as well as seasonal relevance. Historical information and store updates are also good blog ideas.
  3. Concise words and use of multimedia grab and maintain visitor attention. Brief paragraphs that are supported with pictures and graphics keep consumers on the page longer than long sections of text. Videos are especially useful for showing before and after pictures of services and product demonstrations.

Quality Over Quantity

Blogs need to have regular relevant posts, not daily sub-par ones. Creating spectacular content and proper promotion are the best way to create a successful business blog. Don’t worry about strict schedules and satisfying search engine rules, just give value via quality content aimed at helping your market audience.



Photo credit: Mike Licht, / Foter / CC BY