When you hear the term content creation’ you initially think of blogging and writing articles about your niche or market. Good business bloggers will use many strategies for content creation that goes far beyond writing articles.

Your blog will always be a hub, landing space and headquarters for customers but you don’t always have to feed them articles. There are many ways to get your message across, most are more sharable’ than articles. As we look at several examples try thinking about ideas that could work for your business.

Videos — Impact an Audience Fast

It is obvious that video media impacts our lives, it has been around for many decades now. Today video is instantly accessible making every moment instantly recordable. People have come to expect, or at least hope, for video when they are looking to learn something or gain information on purchasing something.

Video has a built in bonus of offering transparency as well as entertainment. Transparency cultivates trust while entertainment seals in the message you are trying to communicate. Powerful stuff. Get creative and use video where you can in your blog along with your social media sites.

Downloadables — Digital Freebies

Content Creation Flowchart

Anything the user can download and make use of falls under the category of downloadables. Some examples could be;

  • Excel sheets that keep track of data (budgets, sales etc.)
  • PDFs with reports or studies
  • Apps, plugins or other products
  • Templates (think invoices, letters etc.)

Always remember to require visitors to opt-in to your newsletter before they download your content.

Study Guides and Checklists

These are pieces of information specific to someone’s needs, most likely related to your niche. For example if your business is home repair or contracting you could put together a checklist of things people should get done to their home for the winter. You would include things for saving energy, safety tips and even some life hacks that may leave the reader thinking that’s a great idea’. So what checklists can you come up with for your customers?

Infographics — Quick Hitting Info

Infographics are images that deliver information. Usually you see headlines with numbers, facts and lots of bold print. The idea is that people are naturally drawn to pictures and once their eyes hit your picture you can guide them through the graphic sharing information along the way. Infographics are very sharable. They often have information that is new to people and in turn those people are eager to share.

All these ideas are great examples of what content you should be using on your website and social media platforms. When you open your content base up to more than just blog articles your customers will stay engaged and be more likely to remember and share your brand.

Getting Started With Content Marketing

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