Let’s face it, your marketing team is exhausted. You wear so many hats every day that even the simple tasks get pushed back for months. A large initiative like establishing stronger inbound marketing methods could take your team even longer to execute. With all of that said, your still left asking why a company like yours would ever pay to have an outside marketing partner. What can a Hubspot Partner do for your marketing team?

More Heads, Less Hats to Wear!

Have you ever heard the term "Two heads are better than one"? Let’s break it down and dissect how this pertains to you. The everyday tasks you and your crew are assigned with can get downright frustrating. Yeah, you get to tackle the fun projects like video production, brilliant print ads, engaging social media, and large events but along with that you also get handed tedious website updates, emails, newsletter, press releases, and what seems like half IT-related work.

A partnership does not take care of ALL of those hats you have to wear but we can get some stuff off of your plate; while bringing your team some measurable marketing results.

Imagine if you could walk out of those goal setting meetings knowing that a plan has been created and will be executed. An inbound marketing partner can turn those goals into targeted actions that will create a more predictable lead pipeline. As your Hubpost Partner, PatraCompany prioritizes your marketing tasks so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

Bringing Results

Jar Full of CoinsCompanies rely on marketing for two things:

As a CMO or marketing team member, you are responsible for reporting on the company’s ROI. Are you currently bringing your company new leads? Can you attribute those leads to specific campaigns? Do you know a cost for acquiring each lead?

What if you had a Hubspot Partner that can provide these important numbers and bring your company real results for your work?

Changing for the Better

You have tried to push for the latest and greatest inbound marketing methods before, haven't you? However, your command staff does not like change. Especially when it means diverting their marketing department’s attention away from the tasks that already keep them so busy. This is where an outside partner like PatraCompany can come in handy.

PatraCompany, a Hubspot Partner, gives your company the peace of mind that your team will still be able to handle the existing workload. Also, your company’s leadership team needs justification that new marketing initiatives will provide success, and that is where a consultant with strong credentials can help. Case studies, success of current clients-partners, and stories that speak to the goals of the company will validate the need for change.

Working Together for Success

You are the expert on your business and your partner should get that. An ideal partner will not try to change your sales and marketing, they should help make it stronger. A great amount of emphasis should be put on building a strong relationship that allows the partner to know your customers, business process, and goals. That same relationship helps you better understand what you can rely on your Hubspot Partner for. Think about it like " we don’t sign with contractors, we sign with partners" and if your potential marketing partner has a similar attitude, your goals will be met and your team wont be exhausted with work overload. If you need more help download our free eBook: How 12 Big Brands Chose Their Marketing Agency

How 12 Big Brands Chose Their Marketing Agency