Starting and running an effective blog is essential for any business. If a business wants to expand their online brand, it is important to improve page ranking. To receive traffic from the search engines, a blog or website must be updated on a regular basis. Blogs are more convenient than websites for adding daily content to the search engines. Here are six ideas you should already implementing:

1) Purchase a Domain For a Business Blog

There are plenty of blog hosting sites that offer free sub-domains. While these are very tempting, it is not recommended for those looking to implement SEO into their blogging plan. Search engines love organic, blogs that have a domain. Sub-domains are harder to rise in the page rankings. Also, having a paid domain for a blog looks more professional.

2) Social Bookmarking Is the Secret

Social bookmarking is essential for blogs to gain a huge following. Bookmarking is nothing more then adding the URL of a website (image upload is optional) and sharing it with hundreds of members on the site. Not only is this good for networking purposes, but bookmarking on websites that have a high page rank will allow any blog to rise in the search engine rankings as well. Popular social bookmarking sites that have a high page rank include: Reddit, Digg and Stumbleupon.

3) Schedule Daily Posts (Less Is More)

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In the past, website owners would publish many blog posts per day in the hopes they would receive more traffic to their website. Google has implemented a new policy stating that "less is more". The key is to add one original piece of content as a blog post everyday. 100% original content means that the blog owner will need to do some research. Article rewrites can still be detected by Google's spider, algorithm software. Re-writing articles is a sure way to decline in the search engine rankings. Make sure to research original content to add to a blog.

4) Ping

Pinging is a very traditional method to getting traffic to any blog. This method still works, and produces a 'snowball effect'. Pinging is like making a phone call to search engines and saying hey we just published a new page come check it out’. Pinging services are mostly free and allow you to submit your url to many search engines. A popular pinging website that is very effective is, Pingomatic.

5) Use Article Marketing For Each Blog Post

Each time a blog post is created and indexed in the search engines, the URL would be considered a 'deep-link'. To quickly rise in the search engines and produce a bigger fan base, build links to the 'deep-links' using high page ranked article directories. Popular directories include Ezinearticles and Buzzle.

6) Utilize Mobile Apps and Social Networking Gadgets

All business blogs should have some sort of following. This is a good way to build contact lists and findpotential clients for existing products and/or services. Some webhosting sites make it easy to add 'share'buttons to blogs that allow readers to share content with others. Making a blog, mobile-friendly is also a good idea for those who like to read blogs on their smartphones or tablets.

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