There are two things every construction company owner needs to know about marketing online. First, it is quickly becoming a dominant marketing channel. And second, it is dramatically different from traditional marketing in dozens of ways. But, by taking time to learn about the potential challenges, you can be ready to face them and succeed in this new arena. A few of the challenges people in your industry face:

1. Making a plan.

If you are going to be successful, you can't just wing it. Campaigns that consist of an infrequently updated blog and social networking profiles that are abandoned for weeks at a time just aren't consistent enough to make an impact. Before starting to market online, make a plan. Use a calendar to determine what marketing to do online and when. Be willing to adjust as needed as analytics come in and you are able to see the results of your efforts. Through planning and adaptability, you can create the most effective marketing campaign.

2. Differentiating yourself from the competition.

Chances are, there are a lot of other construction companies marketing online in your local area. How do you ensure that yours is the company that stands out? The answer lies in a combination of activities. First, take note of the qualifications that set you apart. Whether it's decades of local experience, awards, or a history of bringing in projects on time and under budget, make sure you express that in your marketing.

Then, make sure you are doing everything to stand out in local search. Few companies are as optimized as they could be. By simply ensuring that you have a responsive website and up to date contact information on every one of your online assets, you will already be outperforming most of the market. From there, attention to showcasing the best of your brand will continue to assure that you rise to the top.

3. Finding your groove on social media.

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There are literally hundreds of social networks, with more being introduced all the time. No one could possible keep up a meaningful presence on them all. To ensure the best use of your time, pick the sites that are frequented by the people most likely to be interested in your services. This way, you can dedicate the time needed to foster engagement without wasting precious hours on sites that will not yield results.

4. Optimizing for local business.

If your construction company does business in New York and New Jersey, web traffic from Miami, Florida isn't going to do you any good. To ensure that you get the most targeted, qualified traffic, make sure that your site is well-optimized for local search. Include your location in page titles, blog posts and page content. Make sure that your pay per click campaigns are set to only show your ads to people who are in your geographic area. Be sure that your site is optimized for mobile, since more and more people perform most local searches on their phones.

5. Keeping an up-to-date web presence.

Unfortunately, a business website is not a fix it and forget it endeavor. Businesses move or change numbers. Plugins go out of date. Best web practices evolve. Design ideas that looked fresh when they were commissioned begin to look dated and out of touch. To compete in the digital realm, you need to be prepared to tweak and update your website when needed to keep it performing well.

Used well, the web can be an extremely powerful tool to grow your construction business. By being willing to invest the time and capital required, you can reap the rewards of engaging your prospects in digital spaces.

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