Consumer Reach

Almost every potential customer in 2014 has access to a computer with internet. This means that likely they have an email address. A study performed by the Radicati Group in 2009 reads that there are 1.9 billion users worldwide. They estimate that by the end of this year this number will have grown to 2.5 billion.

Email marketing moves beyond print marketing. It’s far more personal. You are given the ability to target all of your clients in their homes, offices, or on their mobile devices. How many shiny cardstock mass print ads do you receive in your regular mailbox labeled “Current Resident that advertise services or goods that are completely uninteresting? Email marketing is niche-specific and lets you contact relevant customers, which is so efficient it makes print mail obsolete for most industries.

Creative Content

All the video editing, image editing, HTML, CSS, and Java tools on the internet are at your disposal in email creation. The content you create can be engaging in a far more visual way than just witty copy.

With several marketing services online there are simple templates you can employ to promote your brand in a universal way with personalized logos, videos, and images. When you combine interesting visuals, solid copy, and a resounding call to action then you can transform subscribers into customers. It sounds complex at first but remember this a long term investment, once you find a combination that works you can set it and forget it. Then once you get more comfortable you can work on modifying for optimal performance and changing markets.

Life Span did a study on the lifespan of a tweet. The average lifespan of one micro blog post was eighteen minutes. This means that your twitter advertisement has eighteen minutes to make an impact. Facebook is similar because of its constantly updating newsfeed. Your message gets buried under mountains of conversations, statuses, advertisements, images, and videos. We all know that emails can be ignored. However, an email requires action to be overlooked. It must be manually deleted or opened.


What offline marketing methods give you the ability to analyze customer response in a tangible way? Email marketing can total this in two ways. The first way is through number of subscriptions, the second way is via landing pages within email content. If someone is interested enough to subscribe, they are a potential client. The rising or falling number of subscribers is a clear signal that you’re marketing through email in a way that appeals to the readers.

If they are annoyed or simply dislike what you’re saying they will unsubscribe, it’s simple. Landing pages are another wonderful way to see quantitative results. You can create specific landing pages for different emails. Your call to action may be something like “click here to sign up or “click to see more information and personalized tracking for these landing pages give you the ability to see how many people were interested enough to respond. The number that either purchase a product or sign up for a service from this landing page indicates how rousing your sales tactics are.

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