Jeff Goins writes, “I waited way too long to start blogging. And that just might be one of the biggest regrets of my life.  The benefits to your business are exponential. Here are the 11 most important reasons you need to begin blogging now.

1. Blogging builds your resume.’

Everyone needs a resume. It’s a powerful marketing tool. Your blog is your resume, proving what you have to offer.  Your great blog demonstrates how you’ve made a difference for your customers. It’s loaded with proof, so they gain confidence in your products or services. The exchange you have with customers in the comment section gives you an opportunity to further prove your potential to solve your customer's problems.

2. Blogging creates long-term SEO assets.

Having a website isn’t enough. Unless Google recognizes your relevancy, it’s not going to send traffic your way. While it’s obvious increased traffic means a higher potential for converting visitors into buyers, unless you are blogging, Google’s not going to rank you as worthy of receiving visitors. Blogging is the most efficient way to bring search traffic to your business website. In addition, a blog’s value doesn’t diminish over time, especially when it’s written from an evergreen perspective. Each blog you publish adds to your company’s assets. Google consistently delivers search results that are five or six years old if they are relevant to a search. That blog you post today could be helping your business for years!

3. Blogging attracts customers.

The Kelsey Group reported in 2010 that “97% of all consumers use online media to shop locally. That means blogging is a good way to boost your offline [and online] business. When you blog, you help potential customers to discover you and recognize your value. You influence their buying decisions.

4. Blogging broadens your prospects.

Because blogging establishes your expertise, it could lead to speaking engagements and other high profile gigs. Wouldn’t your business enjoy this kind of free publicity? If you’ve proven through your blog that you know how to organize your thoughts effectively, public speaking is just the next step.

5. Blogging differentiates your business.

Your business has something unique to offer. Blogging creates the opportunity to demonstrate that. In addition, it makes you part of the 1% who actively create new content. Those who create new content stand out.

6. Blogging opens up two-way communication.

Blogging invites comments, which leads to engagement. Engaging with potential customers and existing customers is powerful. It gives you the opportunity to develop relationships’ with your customers. The stronger the sense of connection, the more loyal a customer becomes.

7. Blogging keeps your business relevant.

Loss of relevancy has sent many long-established businesses into history. When you blog, you have to research the marketplace. Your content gains life from its ability to share what you’ve learned. Publishing beneficial information for today’s customer and his or her needs prevents a business from losing contact with reality.

8. Blogging encourages continual learning.

Staying on top of changes in your industry is easier if you are a blogger. The discipline of producing a regular blog requires you to update your knowledge base constantly. This ensures you’re able to provide the best products or services.

People who keep on learning, stay young. Businesses who remain vital also continue seeking cutting-edge relevance and are less likely to age out of existence.

9. Blogging hones your business strategies.

It takes planning to blog. You have to set goals and lay out a schedule. The very process of creating a blog schedule will help you sharpen your focus in all your business strategies.

Blogging could be foundational in moving your business away from relying on outbound’ marketing as your primary means for attracting customers. It should also help you develop a clear picture of who your business is and what you have to offer.

10. Blogging builds your business confidence.

Blogging helps you develop a clearer picture of what your business has to offer. When it does come time to close the deal,’ all the time you’ve invested in blogging will pay off.

11. Blogging inspires you.

Blogging can reignite your passion for what you do and what you offer. Ideas begin flowing toward you because you are looking for them and sharing them. When you are inspired, the excitement spreads naturally to your customers.

So what’s stopping you from blogging? Don’t let your lack of writing skills stop you. Writing is a skill you learn through practice. So get started today and experience the benenfits.




Photo credit: Marind is waiting for les tambours de la pluie / Foter / CC BY